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Friday, February 27, 2009

4X4 Tag

Here are the rules:1. Pick the fourth folder in the program you store pictures in on your computer.2. Pick the fourth picture in that folder.3. Post the picture and describe it.4. Tag 4 friends.*Remember, no cheating, cropping or editing!*
This picture was taken about 5 years ago when my parents had an apartment in Alameda for business. This was the view from there balcony overlooking Alameda at night. It was so breathtaking and beautiful to sit out and enjoy the view. Scott and I were fortunate enough to partake in this adventure every few weekeneds and spend time with my parents and taking trips to San Francisco.
I have to share with you all that this picture is very special to us. When the Alameda branch closed with my dad's business they were upset to lose the apartment, but it took a toll on my dad going back and forth managing both the Fresno & Alameda branch. The Christmas before my dad passed away, my husband took a panoramic picture overlooking the view from the balcony and took it into kinko's and had it blown up oversized and framed it. When my dad opened it for Christmas, it brought tears to us all because it brought back all the precious memories and the fun we had as a family. This memory will be held close to our hearts forever thinking of you.........We Love You Dad!


  1. That is so sweet! What an awesome memory.

  2. It could have been any random picture but how cool that it was one with so much meaning!

  3. it is such a beautiful view! and that was very thoughtful of scott!