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Monday, October 15, 2012

"Germs are Scary" Soap Dispenser

Every Holiday, I usually try to find a fun craft idea the boys can make for our family and close friends.We have made soap bottles in the past, but I came across this cute idea on Pinterest (yes, another Pinterest project) that works perfect for Halloween/Fall Decor. The boys and I made some this afternoon and they turned out so cute!

We got our soap bottles at Walmart (Equate orange soap .88 cents each) and peeled off the labels (goo-gone works fabulous). I printed out "Germs are Scary" label from here and I took it into Kinko's and had them copy it onto Transparency paper. Once you cut out the labels, I opened the top of the hand soap and rolled my label into a scroll then inserted it down into the soap.  I used a skewer to move my transparency label into place inside of the soap. I added a sparkly cool spider (hot glue gun) with some black tulle for ribbon and Walaaaa.....a perfect gift to giveaway for our loved ones!

Handmade Soap With a Toy Surprise Inside

The boys and I had fun making glycerin soap bars with toy trinkets inside for their friends that will be coming over later this week. It was super easy and the boys just got a kick out of it once the soap was finished. We put plastic spiders in the round ones and 3 bouncy balls (the clear balls are glow in the dark) in the oval ones.  

I thought this was a cool idea I found on Pinterest (have I mentioned how much I love Pinterest!) and something that is totally different than what kids normally get. It will be fun to watch my boys see how long the soap will last until it's used enough to get the toy out! :)

We put the toy trinkets inside the soap molds and poured the liquid soap over top.

The soap set and we took them out of the molds. How fun!

We wrapped them up to look pretty and festive.

Happy Fall everyone!