Sons are a heritage from the Lord. Psalm 127:3

Friday, May 22, 2009

Extended Mother's Day

My hubby is the sweetest and most loving guy and I am so blessed to have him! The following Sunday after Mother's Day, he treated me like a Queen and re-created Mother's Day all over again. He got up with the kids to let me sleep in and he even brought me breakfast in bed once I woke up. What else could a girl ask for?! Not to mention, he even let me stay in bed for half a day just relaxing and watching t.v. to get my rest and try to catch up on sleep. How awesome is that! It was a wonderul and relaxful day and I enjoyed it tremendously :)

This was my amazing looking french toast & bananas in the shape of hearts with a glass of orange juice. It was Ooohh soooo delicious! He even had 4 cards on the tray......1 from hubby and 1 from each kid! I thought that was very cute.

This is another one of my Mother's Day gifts. It's an E-Laptop pad from Brookstone. It makes sitting on the couch and being on your laptop so much easier and alot more comfortable. I love it!

And last but not least, a pedicure gift certificate for Champlain Nails & Spa (You know my son helped decorate the envelope when you see Thomas The Train and Sponge Bob stickers as decoration). He knows how much I love getting pedicures, but I usually can't justify spending the money unless I get it as a gift :) I'm looking forward to getting my pedicure this coming week before my friend's wedding!


  1. i checked on networked blogs and (what i told you in the message) was all i did. i dont know why it wouldnt be working for you... i am getting your blog post notifications on FB though.

  2. How sweet of him! Enjoy your pedicure!