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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Tackle It Tuesday

My food pantry has been driving me crazy for such a long time now. Everything has been shoved in over time without any organization & I was having trouble finding what I needed. I also didn't know what I had & I knew some things were either expired or getting close to their expiration date. I'm excited to tell you that I finally tackled it yesterday. I can't believe how good It feels with doing such a simple task like this that I have put off for so long. :)

This is how messy my food pantry looked before.

I forgot to take a picture in the very beginning when I started, so this is the food that was on the top shelf all over my kitchen counters.

Awwww........look how nice & organized it looks! Now I know exactly what I have & I can plan my meals around it! :)

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