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Monday, June 29, 2009

Sewing Club- Project #1

Here is my first block square I finished for our Sewing Club. It turned out cute! I was hoping to get my second one done before our meeting tonight, but unfortunately, I haven't had any free time lately. I have been so busy during the week running my home daycare and it seems as though we have had every weekend booked for the last couple months with something going on. Things are starting to settle down now and I should have alot more free time this month to catch up.

Once I catch up, I also have another project in mind for the boys. I will be making Thomas The Train travel pillows for the car. The boys have been wanting something small and soft to rest their heads on while traveling, so I thought this would be the perfect solution they would enjoy. I will post pictures when I complete this project! :)

This was our first project and this pattern is called "The Nine Patch".


  1. I like the colors. I wish I enjoyed sewing more, because I like all the blocks you and Katelyn are posting.

  2. SoOOOO cute!!!! Look at you, Crafty Mama!