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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Gingerbread Train

The boys were super excited this whole week to make their Gingerbread Train. I told them they could make it this weekend, so we made it today. I had fun helping them and they had a blast. Nothing but smiles the whole time. of course, I had to take lots of pictures! :) What great memories these are.

Preston and Noah waiting anxiously as I tore open the box.

The excitement they had on their faces when I pulled all the pieces out. Oh yes, they had to grab all the candy right away.

Preston was concentrating very hard on putting the candy in the right spots.

The boys had to taste test the candy to make sure it was OK to use. Oh, Yes.........mommy caught them a few times!!

Preston was excited to finish his train, he wanted Sir Topham Hat to stand guard. (Preston is fascinated with trains, especially Thomas The Train)

My Cute little guys.

My sweet little Jeremiah was kicking back in his play yard watching us the whole time. He is cutting his first bottom tooth!

He was giving such huge smiles the whole time, I had to take his picture too! :)

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