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Friday, February 4, 2011

Great Deals at Vons This Week

I went grocery shopping at Vons tonight & I got some pretty awesome deals! After visiting other coupon blog sites, reviewing the Vons ad & clipping out coupons, I made my list of items to buy and I only stuck to what was on my list so I wouldn't buy more than what I went in for. My bill came to only $21.47 and I saved 75% off my total bill. I got a lot of stuff for that price! :)

4-12 packs of Pepsi
2 Bags of Tyson Chicken Nuggets
1 Triscuit
4 Fruit Gushers
3 Skippy Peanut Butter
2 Gogurt
Mission Flour Tortillas

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  1. I have saved a lot at Vons lately too. I got the B1G1 on Tyson too. I went there twice this week because of the deals and the 50% off table on Tuesdays at the Blackstone and Ashlan store is always stocked. I also have been buying organic chicken there for 30% off since a lot of people do not buy organic at that store.