Sons are a heritage from the Lord. Psalm 127:3

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Finger Painting & Fun

Due to the weather being nice lately, we have been doing several outside activities. Finger painting has been one of the boys favorites so far. Not only are they having fun, but It's been a learning experience for them as well. Since they are familiar with their primary colors, I thought it would be fun to teach them about mixing certain colors to see what color it will make as a secondary primary color. They are having a blast with this. Last week, they mixed blue & yellow to make green. Then they did red & yellow to make orange. Now, today they learned mixing red & blue makes purple. This has been such a neat hands on learning experience for them because they have not forgotten any of the colors they have done thus far. They are like little sponges right now and I want learning to be fun!

Preston just started to mix the colors together to see it started turning purple.

He's having fun painting with both his sponge paint brush and his fingers.

He's not leaving any open areas on his paper......he loves painting all of it! :)

Preston's finished artwork that he is so proud of.

We made puppets today. The boys loved it! We plan on making a couple more puppets tomorrow and making a stage to have a puppet show on Thursday. They are looking forward to it!