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Sunday, August 23, 2009

You Can Never Have Enough Books!

My boys just LOVE books! I read to them all the time and they will sit and look at books for hours. I am always on the hunt looking for new books at reasonable prices. I had tons of fun going to many yard sales with some friends this weekend. Look what I found..........BOOKS, lots of BOOKS. And they were such a great price, I couldn't pass them up. I got most of them for .25 cents each (what a steal). I payed $1.00 for the Scholastic Children's Dictionary, which I was very excited to find knowing this would be something I would buy for my kids anyway.

I got 33 books total. I know, that's alot, but I couldn't pass them up. Not at .25 cents each. I was able to get several of Dr. Seuss books which my kids love. I got the Bernstein Bears (my fave when I was a kid), a Veggie Tales & Wall-E book and many many more that the kids will love. It was cute........when I got home from yardsaling, the kids saw the books when I walked thru the door and they had a huge smile from ear to ear. "Mommy, are those books for us?" Preston asked. "Yes Preston, mommy bought these books for you guys". "Wow mommy, thanks for buying these books. Can I see them? Will you read me a book please?" Preston said with much excitement! It was like Christmas in August for the boys. I'm so glad they like books and I hope they will love to read when they get older.

Here are a few more items I picked up for the boys. Preston was in need of a jacket for the winter, so I found a really nice jacket in great shape for $2.00. It's lined with fleece on the inside that you can unzip and take out if you didn't need it. It's almost like you have two jackets in one (a light and a heavy). I was able to find him a pair of Snow Boots for only $2.00. I had such a hard time finding snow boots for Preston last year, so I was very excited when I saw these. I also found 1 outfit, 1 long sleeve shirt and 2 zip up sweaters for baby Jeremiah all with tags on. Brand new Carters clothes for only $1.50 for all 4 items. SWEET! I got some really cool toys the boys have been asking for. It's never too early to Christmas shop. I got Cranky the Crane (from Thomas The Train), Scoop and Muck (from Bob the Builder) all for just $3.00. I found a Bob The Builder hard hat .50 cents, a very large Tonka Truck $1.00, a big diesel truck that carries lots of cars with built in case for $1.00, a huge box of an assortment of cars ranging in many different sizes all for $7.00. It also included a large motorized lightening McQueen car and a Buzz Lightyear action figure that talks. And last, but not least, I got a pretty good size container full of dinosaurs with accessories for $4.00. Now I call this a successful treasure hunt!!! better believe I will be out yardsaling next Saturday hoping to find a few more things I'm looking for and maybe, just maybe, I will pick up a few more books! :)


  1. So you will be at our yardsale for MOPS then? Good spread the word to all cause MOPS really needs the $ to make all we want to happen this year happen! I took over 9 totes full of clothes ranging from size 10 to 14 and mens XL. I need to start collecting more books for Ethan too. Before the weather turns to chances of rain maybe we can go together some Saturday?

  2. Yeah, I plan on being at the MOPS yardsale on Saturday! I will let my friends know too! Books are great for rainy days. Let me know when you want to go and we can do it together. It's so much fun! :)