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Monday, August 31, 2009

Noah's 1st Haircut

My sweet little Noah was way overdue for a haircut. I was having a hard time wanting to cut his cute locks of curls. His hair was getting too long and uncontrollable on top making him look like a cartoon character. With his funny sense of humor, I guess they went hand in hand. That is until many people I run into at the grocery store or various other places we don't know would say "she is so adorable" or "she is soooo cute, I just love her hair". This was my was time for a haircut. Bye bye Mr. crazy hair!

Noah was very excited to get his 1st haircut and he was smiling so big!

The back of his overgrown crazy curly hair.

Mommy cutting a lock of curls to save for his baby book.

Noah wanted to see his hair I cut.

Daddy started cutting his hair with the Flowbee. Noah just sat there real still with a cute little look on his face.

He was being so good during his haircut.

He smiled or made cute little faces the whole time.

All done! His hair turned out cute. Noah isn't my baby anymore......he's turning into a little boy!

The back.

The side view.


  1. I love it! And could your little man get any cuter? I think not. He had some serious cute blonde curls going on. So cute, but I LOVE when they have little man hair cuts like thier daddy's. And there's that Flowbee again. Who woulda thunk? ;) I think I need to check out e-bay and save some time and money at Cool Cuts. Thanks for sharing the pics.

  2. How cute!!! We loved the Flowbee. Though Fred screamed for his whole first Flowbee haircut;)

  3. Oh my goodness Jessica! He looks so cute. I love his new cut....he's all grows up. ;)

  4. Ethan hates haircuts! Noah is adorable!