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Friday, September 4, 2009

Check This Out! many of you already know I'm a bargain shopper. It may seem like I'm out shopping all the time, but I only get out about 1-2 times a week to take advantage of my coupons and shop for the items we are in need of for the week or two. Yesterday, I made a quick run to Target during nap time and look what I found.............

The Leap Frog Tag Reading System

I am so excited to share this with you because I was planning on buying this for Preston for Christmas this year. I was waiting for a good sale and this indeed was something I definitely couldn't pass up. They are normally priced at $49.99, in which I'm sure they run sales every so often, but I found this on clearance for only $12.48. BUT Wait...........I will tell you the best part next. I just so happened to find a $10.00 off coupon last week that I printed out two copies and kept in my purse just in case I found a good deal. I ended up getting The Tag Reading System for ONLY $2.48 each plus tax. I couldn't believe it myself! I used both of my coupons and got two, so I can give one away to my nephew for Christmas.


  1. That's awesome!! My kids love those and we definitely didn't pay less than $3!!!!

  2. That is an amazing deal! Great job. I almost cut that coupon out too just for that reason! Nice find.

  3. Wow! So happy that you got a great deal! Coupon shopping sounds like a great money saver!