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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Festivity Fun: Day 3

Today, we finished our projects that the kids started on Tuesday. They turned out so cute! I think the parents are going to love them. The kids had fun making their own delicious treat to take home and enjoy. You will have to wait to find out what that might be?!?! :)

Here is a picture of their finished treat bags they decorated. (I'm not sure why this picture is sideways). The photo books fit perfectly inside!

These photo books turned out adorable. The kids had fun picking out all their own decorations and stickers to make them. Inside this photo book, are many pictures I have taken during daycare hours of all the crafts and fun we have had throughout the year with each individual kid.

Noah helped decorate the photo book for baby Spencer, since he is too young to do it himself. He was proud of helping out.

Preston made this photo book especially for his Nana to surprise her! She will be so excited when she opens it up and See's all the photos of her grand kids. She has been asking me for pictures of the kids for a long time, so she can start scrapbooking.

Can you guess what we will be making?!?!
That's right! Caramel Apples. Tis the season for sugar overload and yummy treats.
Preston had fun decorating his own Caramel Apple with M&M's. He just couldn't wait to take a bite out of it. :)

The kids decorated theirs with M&M's and we left the other 2 plain. Since they are so big, Preston & Noah are sharing one and the other is going home with my daycare kid. The two plain ones are for my Mom and I. My hubby isn't a fan of Caramel Apples, so I thought Nana would be happy to get one. She loves these!

This is Jeremiah's best little buddy Spencer. They looked so cute in their costumes together, but unfortunately, Spencer wasn't liking his costume. He was happy to get out of it!

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  1. Maybe next year we will decorate caramel fun! Your kids are going to remember all the fun mommy did for them and the 2 babies are too cute. There is nothing like dressing up little kids! Jeremiah is so cute in the picture!