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Friday, October 9, 2009


While Preston was at Awana's this week, they made Tambourines and he just loved it. He wanted to make another one for himself and for his brother Noah. I thought it would be fun to help the kids make them with our daycare kids as well. They all had a great time creating their own little tambourines. They turned out very cute! It's amazing how you give the same supplies to each kid, but how different and unique they each turn out. I love watching the kids use there own creativity and how excited and proud they get once they have completed it.

Preston was trying so hard to peel the backs of the stickers off without wanting any help. He's a big boy now and he wants to do everything himself.

They were having so much fun with all the different stickers to choose from.

The outcome of all 3 tambourines made by the kids. Very cute!

Preston was proud of what he had made. AND oh my..........was it loud in our house for awhile. What was I thinking?!?! :) Although it was cute watching the kids dance around and make up there own music and singing.

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