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Thursday, January 28, 2010

FREE Lego Club Jr. Magazine

Get a free 2-year subscription to Lego Club Jr. magazine (a $7.95 value) for kids 6 and younger. This magazine includes activities, puzzles, comic strips, and of course "Lego recipes" for building new creations. My son loves legos so I thought he would enjoy getting this.

The best part about this, is if you have a couple kids who would love to have this magazine, they do offer up to two issues per family. Allow 4-6 weeks for delivery!


  1. Called and got one for Sam and Allie. Sam does not have any legos, so his b-day I will get him legos. He only has the big blocks and I know he would love legos.

  2. Cool! The neat thing is that they allow two magazines per family so the kids don't fight over who gets what. My boys love legos and we only have the big blocks. Preston's birthday is coming so we plan on getting him some legos too! :)