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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Cute Kids Shoes.....Great Prices!

Having 3 kids all under the age of 4 and under, I feel like I'm constantly needing to buy shoes every 6 months or less. Therefore, I'm always trying to find deals & I can't stand paying full prices on kids shoes knowing they outgrown them so fast. I was so excited to find such great deals this past week! :)

Preston was really needing a new pair of sandals. He outgrew his other pair of sandals and I was having the hardest time finding him a new pair. Every time we would find something at a decent price, they would be out of his size. I was extremely happy to find these cute pair of Buzz Light Year Light-up Sandals on Clearance at Target for $6.06. They fit great & he absolutely LOVES them! :)

My sweet little Jeremiah was in need of some new shoes because he is smaller than my other two boys at this age. I didn't have any shoes that would fit him yet.I found these 3 cute pair of shoes in his size for only $3.24 each. I couldn't resist all 3 pairs for this price!

My middle son Noah was needing a new pair of shoes for church. I found these cute brown loafer shoes along with these black converse shoes at a garage sale this past weekend. I paid only $1.00 for each pair. They are both in great shape!

I also found these cute sandals for Noah at Target on clearance for $3.24 also, so I couldn't resist buying them to save for when he needs a replacement pair.

All together, I only spent a total of $21.02 for 7 pairs of shoes for all 3 of my kids. That's still cheaper than you can buy 1 new pair of shoes. Not only did I save extra money to put back in our budget for next month, it goes to show you how it definitely pays to shop around. There are always great deals to be found!


  1. I never see prices like that in the shoe department at our Target! I will have to look better cause those are some great prices, great job!