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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Cute Pillows

I have several projects I would like to do, but I seem to never find the time to get them started. This weekend was the first weekend we actually didn't have much going on, so I got energetic on Saturday and broke out my sewing machine. It was so nice being able to start & finish a project in the same day. I felt so proud of myself for completing a few things that my boys have been asking me to do for so long. Even though it wasn't anything difficult, my boys were so excited when they woke up Sunday morning & saw their travel pillows completed with the material they got to pick out all by themselves.

I also repaired my son's froggy pillow he sleeps with every night. Froggy's foot was falling off & he acquired a few holes along the way. I also made two heat packs with rice for my boys. It seems as though they are having growing pains in their legs, stomach aches or something else which requires heat packs. We only had one in our household & they would fight over who would get it. Not any we have 3 to choose from in fun Thomas The Train & Disney Cars material that come in different shapes & sizes. :)

This is the pillow I made for my niece which matches the blanket I made her a couple weeks ago. I thought it turned out so cute & very girly looking! :) I'm going to get her name embroidered on the black part of this pillow case so it will be customized for her.

My son Preston is still a huge Thomas The Train fan. He has been since he was 2 years old. This is his own travel pillow that we will keep in our car. I made it with memory foam pieces inside which makes these pillows nice & squishy.

My son Noah loves Disney Cars. He picked out this material all by himself. This pillow is the perfect size for the boys to rest comfortably while traveling in the car.


  1. I saw the pink and thought you might have found out the sex of baby #4. Are you gonna find out? Cute pillows though! I might make one for Ethan, you inspired me :-)

  2. Thanks Sara! I haven't found out the sex of the baby yet. I have my OB appt. next week & I will then get my U/S slip to schedule my appt. I'm hoping to find out by the end of next week though. I'm so excited! :)