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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Tackle It Tuesday

Since this week has been a little less busy for me, I decided to do a little bulk cooking yesterday so we can have some meals ready to grab when needed. My hubby was telling me the other day that he has been craving breakfast burritos and he thinks mine are the best (thanks my love). So, I decided to surprise him & make a huge batch so he can just grab them to go on his way to work for breakfast.

My assembly line of burritos. I put egg, tator tots, bacon & cheese inside. OK, so it's not exactly healthy, but very delicious!

I stuck them in freezer bags so it makes it easy for my hubby to just grab them & go. Of course, I told him he must bring my freezer bags back so we can re-use them at least a couple times so we are not being wasteful (the burritos are not that messy). :)

My kids including myself LOVE pumpkin pancakes. I made a batch so we can have a nice breakfast on the mornings I do not feel like cooking.

I wanted to double or even triple the batch, but by the time I got to the end of one, I was pooped. My energy level isn't as good as I thought. This pregnancy is wearing me out. There will be more pancake making later this week! :)

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