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Monday, July 25, 2011

One Man's Junk is Another Man's Treasure!

I love going to yard sales! It's so much fun and it's like I'm on the hunt for hidden treasure. The type of treasure I'm in need of or want. The great thing about buying at yard sales, is you only pay pennies on the dollar for items you would normally buy elsewhere for much much more.

Saturday turned out to be a great yard sale day for me. I found some awesome treasure for my family that I have been either wanting or needing. Check out the items I found! :)

I found this really cute 10 drawer organizer for $5.00. I will use this for organizing my crafts or for the boys school supplies. Either way........I have many ideas on how this can be used.

Pictionary Junior is a little too old for my kids right now, but we will have fun playing this game real soon! I got the Busy Bugs set by Discovery Toys to teach my boys math. This will definitely come in handy this year with school. The big activity & project book will be great to have around for great ideas & fun! I got all 3 of these items for only $1.50.

I was excited to find The Usborne First Encyclopedia Books of Space & Our World. I was wanting these, but didn't want to spend the money buying them brand new. These books have the Internet links inside. I got all 6 of these books for $1.25. What a deal!

My kids LOVE dried fruit so I was on the look out for a food dehydrator. It just so happens that the first yard sale I went to on Saturday ended up having this for only $2.00. SCORE!!!

I couldn't resist this cute Micky Mouse T-Shirt for myself. It looked brand new and it was from the Disney Store. Could you believe they only wanted .25 cents. Yes, please!!!

I like Rachael Ray and I love to cook so I thought this would be a perfect gift to myself (without feeling guilty on buying myself something that costs a lot). This cookbook looked brand new and I got it for only .25 cents. Who could pass this up!?!?

My older son has been asking me when he can learn to roller skate. Where did he get this idea from? I don't know, but I was happy to find him a pair of Blade Runner Roller Blades barely used that are adjustable from sizes 1-4. These specific brand of roller blades retail for around $70.00.... OUCH! The great thing about these is they will last several years since they are adjustable to size. That is awesome! I also found a nice baseball glove at the same place. He wanted one of these too.

I got both of these items for $5.00.

Can you believe I only spent $15.25 for all these items! What a bargain! This is the reason why I like to go to yard sales and the best part is.........I can stay within my budget! :):)

Have you gone to any yard sales lately?


  1. I was able to go with Chris since the kids stayed the night with my parents. I did not find such great scores.

  2. That really is a great yard sale day! Way to go!