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Friday, March 19, 2010

My Deals This Week

I have been so busy these past few weeks, I haven't done much coupon shopping lately up until today. I have to say...."I definitely missed it!" I love coupon shopping, especially when I get products we use either free or almost free. I love seeing what my totals come to after all my coupons & savings. It's such a great feeling knowing how much money I am saving for my family, especially knowing I would buy most of these products with or without coupons anyway.

My Walmart Trip:
I ONLY spent $2.11 w/ tax for all these items after coupons.
Cetaphil-$5.47 (I had 4-$5.00 off coupons) so I only paid .47 each
Wardley Fish Food-$1.51 (I had 4-$2.00 off coupons) so I got them for FREE, plus I got back .49 towards my purchase.

My Target Trip:
I only spent a total of $9.58 for all these items......Awesome huh?
*Johnson's Soap Buddy Bar-.99 each- I had a $1.00 off coupon for any Johnson & Johnson Bath products and I stacked it with a $2.50 off Catalina coupon I received back from Target during one of my previous purchases, therefore making all 3 free plus .50 overage I got put towards my bill.
*Softsoap Ensemble Refill Soap-$2.49 each (They had $2.00 off peelie coupons on each bottle making them only .49 each. I got a total of 8. We will be playing outside all summer so we will be doing lots of hand washing, so I thought I might as well stock up for this price! :)
*Dial Hand Soap-$1.37 each-I had (4) $1.00 off Target coupons and I stacked them with (4) .35 cents off mfg. coupons making them only .02 each after coupons.
*Magnetix-$2.48 each. These were originally priced at $9.99 and they got marked down to only $2.48. I ended up buying two different kinds and I thought I would hold on to them for gifts in the future. You never know when a special occasion arises!
As you can see, taking a little extra time clipping coupons can definitely make your dollar stretch a lot farther!

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