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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Preston's 4th Birthday Party

I can't believe my son Preston just turned 4 years old on Sunday. Where has the time gone? Seriously? He is getting to be such a big boy now. I love the age he is at now, but I also miss my baby! We took Preston to John's Incredible Pizza to celebrate his birthday on Saturday with family and a few close friends. He had such a blast. I don't think his smile ever went away from his face that whole day. He was so excited to turn 4! He originally wanted Thomas The Train theme, but then he changed it to Mickey Mouse (I think it was because of coming back from Disneyland) at the last minute.

Preston with his huge Mickey Mouse balloon on our way to John's Incredible Pizza. my cupcakes do not look exactly like Mickey Mouse, but close, right?!?! LOL
Mommy scored big points because Preston LOVED them! :)
This was Preston's cupcake with his number 4 candle to light.
Preston was making his wish before he blew out his birthday candle.
Preston Blowing out his candle.
My cute little family.
Me and my sweet boys.
Nana with two very happy boys with chocolate all over their faces.
Nana with the birthday boy.
Great Grandma Rhodes with a very happy birthday boy that can't stop smiling.
Preston with his Aunt Sandee and cousin Micah.
Jeremiah LOVES his Nana!
Preston loves his Aunt Laurie & Uncle John.
Preston loves his Aunt Lindsay.
Our dear friends John & Laurie. Thank you for celebrating Preston's birthday with us and making it so special. We love you guys!
Our dear friends Matt & Lindsay. Thank you for celebrating Preston's birthday with us and making it so special. We love you guys!
Preston & Noah got to ride the train. Preston loves all different kinds of trains & he is the biggest Thomas The Train fan.
It was so cute to see their facial expressions during there train ride. They smiled the whole time!
They absolutely LOVED the frog ride. Just look at those smiling faces! :-)
Noah's expression is just PRICELESS!!!
I love this one..........Preston & Noah kept looking at each other with such excitement. They wanted to share the joy with each other.
Preston had such a great time. Our family & dear friends helped make his day so special!
Although Preston had a great time at John's Incredible Pizza, he just couldn't wait to go home and open his gifts.

Jeremiah almost fits in this gift bag. He was having fun playing with it. My cute little guy!

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  1. Oh, that's soooo cute!! Happy Birthday, Preston!

    And I thought the cupcakes were cute, too!