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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

And The Organizing Continues.......

Do you ever feel like your house is overwhelming with toys & kids accessories & your running out of room?!?! I'm totally having that problem right now! Having 3 boys and 1 more on the way, I'm trying to figure out the best way to organize & to solve this problem. We just don't have enough storage or closet space in this house. It's time to purge!!! What the kids haven't seen or played with in awhile, they won't miss, right?

On a side note: I got this 3 drawer organizer at a garage sale a few weeks ago for $3.00 and I got it to put outside the back patio for all their outside play/activities that I was having trouble storing. This was perfect! I labeled each drawer so the kids can take out what they want to use & put it back in & I'm hoping they will keep it organized accordingly. We will see how this works. :)

I got this blue 3 drawer organizer the other day on sale at Walmart so I can store in the boys room & keep these away from the babies. These are the boys most favorite toys so they want to keep them easily accessible.

My next project I'm hoping to get to clean & organize is my laundry room & kitchen pantry. Oh my.......are they a mess!

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