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Monday, August 30, 2010

A Fun Day Trip

Two weekends ago, my hubby and I decided to make a fun day trip & take the kids to Casa de Fruita to ride the train. Anytime we pass by, we always love stopping & letting the kids out to stretch their legs & have fun playing for awhile. Once we were ready to go, we headed to the Gilroy Outlets to get some new tennis shoes & winter clothes for my older son. Then we decided to surprise my in-laws in Redwood City & pay them a visit. We definitely surprised them! They took us out to dinner to Applebee's & we had a wonderful time visiting. After a long & eventful fun day, it was finally time to go home. We were all very tired! As soon as we got in our Truck to come home, all 3 boys were out like lights & slept the whole way home. We ended up not getting home until 1:30 am.

These spur of the moment trips are always so much fun & they always hold special memories for many years to come! :)

Casa de Fruita Choo Choo Train.

The boys were so excited to ride the train with Daddy. The conductor came by to collect their tickets.

The train was coming out of the tunnel.
Me & my precious boys!
Jeremiah is already starting to make us laugh with his silly faces he makes.

Preston has LOVED trains since he was a baby. The love for trains has never stopped!

My sweet boys.

Their smiles just melt mama's heart!

My little cutie pie!

Mommy can never take enough pictures! :):):)


  1. Sounds like a lovely day! We love Case de Fruta! We stop there often on the way to the Grandparents house. Have you ever been in the fall time? Great time to go too! It is all decked out for harvest time. We have bought our pumpkins there a time or two. (I love all the pictures too).

  2. Yes.......I love going in the fall to see all there decorations & pumpkins for harvest. We always pass Casa de Fruita when we visit Scott's parents. The kids just love it! Great place for us all to enjoy! :)

  3. We never stop there, but it looks like fun!