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Monday, August 9, 2010

Fun in the Sun!

We had a nice & relaxful weekend. Since the weather was so beautiful, we took the boys out back to enjoy an afternoon of fun.........soaking up the sun, playing in water, playing sports & blowing bubbles. We all had a such a great time! I sure hope this weather stays nice so we can enjoy more days like this. :)

The boys got a new Buzz Light Year Rocket Launcher and they just absolutely LOVED it!

It was Noah's turn to pull the lever to launch the rocket.

Good water pressure= a very high rocket!

Preston taking a time out to pose for the camera.

As Noah put the rocket back on the stand, Preston pulled the lever for it to launch before Noah could let go. The water already started spraying him.

My sweet little Jeremiah having fun on his new rocking horse (I found it at a garage sale earlier that morning for only $1.00).

I just love it when he smiles. My happy boy! :)

Daddy was teaching the boys how to play baseball. Noah did great & hit the ball on the first try.

The boys were also enjoying their new soccer ball, basketball & football set (I found the 3-pack of sports balls at a garage sale for only $2.00 brand new).

I can't believe how big Preston is getting. My handsome guy!

The boys enjoyed a dip in the little kiddle pool to cool down.

Action shot of Preston getting Noah in the face with the hose.


  1. They are so sweet!! I love that rocket! very cool.

  2. How fun! Who knew water could be so fun!?