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Monday, August 30, 2010

My Boys Love for Rainboots

I was looking through some pictures today and I came across these photos. I have many favorite pictures of my kids, but for some reason these really stood out to me today! Last fall season, my boys literally begged me for a pair of rainboots. I gave in and let them pick out the pair they wanted at Target (my favorite store). Since then, they have worn them non-stop in the rain or sunshine, whether it's hot or cold, or even just to go get the mail out front or go out back to play. They absolutely LOVE their rainboots! Thankfully I got them a little big in size so they are still wearing them to this day.

Fall is almost here and I can't wait. Fall is one of my favorite seasons of the year! I love watching all of God's creation & beauty during this time of year. It's just picture perfect!!!

Preston picked out Froggy boots & Noah picked Monkey boots.

I couldn't resist taking a picture from behind.

Aren't these ducky rainboots absolutely adorable?! I found these at a garage sale for only $1.00. They look like they have been barely worn. Now my little Jeremiah will have his very own pair of rainboots to match his two older brothers. :)

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